Ross Mckenzie

Your Host, Ross Mckenzie

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Ross McKenzie is a certified life coach, award-winning filmmaker, speaker and cofounder of Radical Wellness, Inc. As a team member at Helix Healthcare Group in Toronto, Canada, he specializes in life coaching and somatic psychology therapy to help clients source the root causes of their mental health challenges, reclaim their lives and improve wellbeing. Ross was himself prescribed lithium for 16 years to treat an alleged bipolar disorder diagnosis, and he progressively reduced his use of the psychotropic drug by adopting an integrated mind, body and spirit approach. His 20-year investigative work in mental health became the basis for his award-winning film, Bipolarized, which continues to be viewed by millions of people globally. Today, he is healthy, vibrant and free from psychotropic medicine and mental health symptoms. Ross leads a joyful, creative and fully engaged life with his wife and their two children in the rain forest of Costa Rica.

Dr. John Dempster, ND

Your Host, Dr. John Dempster, ND

Dr. John Dempster, ND is the medical director/founder of The Dempster Clinic – Center for Integrated Medicine located in Yorkville, Toronto. He treats a variety of patients worldwide ranging from high performance individuals, individuals looking for optimal health and wellness, to those suffering from a variety of chronic illnesses, including patients with wide range of mental disorders. As an avid seeker in integrative and evidence-based medicine, he has furthered his studies by completing an advanced fellowship in Functional, Regenerative, and Anti-aging medicine (FAARFM). As a specialist in functional medicine, Dr. D has a strong focus and passion in identifying and treating the root cause(s) when addressing each patient’s unique health goals. In addition to his bustling Yorkville practice, he writes regularly for a number of publications and speaks to corporations on a variety of health & wellness topics. In addition, he is also featured frequently on national television, radio, newspapers and magazines. You can follow Dr. D on twitter @drjohndempster or his monthly newsletter at

Jonas Koffler

Your Host, Jonas Koffler

Jonas Koffler is a New York Times and Los Angeles Times bestselling author of Hustle from Rodale Books, founding partner of Radical Wellness, Inc., recognized expert in the arena of innovation, award-winning media producer and serial entrepreneur whose contributions have impacted the lives of tens of millions of people around the world. As a stroke survivor turned yoga practitioner and meditator, Jonas continues to be a leading voice in driving human potential, creativity and wellbeing. His work has been featured in The New York Times, NPR, MarketPlace, FastCompany, Time, Yahoo!, Fortune, Success and CheddarTV. He speaks at conferences such as SXSW and the Future of Work Summit, and at venues like The Wharton Club on topics ranging from personal innovation to creativity, self-care and success. Jonas advises organizations and contributes to award-winning films as a partner at Koffler Pictures, bestselling books and social innovation projects globally.

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